Friday, October 19, 2012

Track #3 - Bright Whites

I'm listening to a radio live stream of one of my favorite musicians while at work right now. And this is what come to mind:

It was September, I remember feeling a little bit of nerves mixed with excitement as I stepped into The State Room, a concert venue in SLC. I was about to meet for the first time, someone I felt like I knew yet I had never met. I think a lot of us feel like this at times with our favorite artists, actors, etc. You spend hours watching/listening to the point where you feel invested.

Talking over sushi, K was just as fun as his music. 

After sushi, my friends and I spent the night listening to K blow the minds of the SLC crowd. 

My friends had never heard of him before, but were fans now. We picked up some merchandise, and K was nice enough to signed them. 

Basically, if you haven't listened to his music, you should. 

K, who performs under the name KISHI BASHI, is a fantastic guy, as well as a fantastic musician. 

(skip to 6:20 to hear Bright Whites)

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