Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Track #2 - We Don't Want Your Body

Over the years I've talked with close friends who share physical insecurities. Perhaps its not what they lack, but what others emphasize, that adds to this? Do our own and other's looks suffocate us? 

Last night as I talked with a friend, the concerns weighed heavy. We needed to take a break! In the cover of the night we found the closest park and climbed and swung and laughed; back to a simpler time when life's challenges were choices like chocolate or vanilla, or wanting to stay up thirty more minutes. 

This flashback to innocence was quickly interrupted by topics of a more serious nature. Perhaps in later years these issues will seem just as frivolous  as those from our childhood.

The emphasis on physicality in the world around us has a way of jading or diminishing our perception. 

Sometimes noises from all around us confuse us.

And we just need to take a time out and play.

The drive home this song came on:

Though you might not be able to find a connection with what I just wrote and the lyrics to this song...for me, it just worked. 

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