Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shopping and HW (Ashima Day #2)

Day 2 with a Doughnut Plant start.

I met Keith Woo there to grab some food before spending our entire morning at the flagship UniQlo store. A dream come true, Keith and I found some great deals. After carefully choosing some things for my friend Dawn whose heading for Argentina, I was told that black friday would knock everything I had chosen in half. I quickly returned the items, but just as we were walking out the door Keith spotted the UniQlo Undercover collection, and we were back in full shopping mode. In the end I found a down jacket I had to have, and resorted to taking it off a mannequin so I could get the last my size. Best part? It was 50% off.

After some hand made noodle soup and korean pancakes, we headed to Brooklyn for day 2 with Ashima. Sasha was there climbing as well. I kept my mouth shut the whole time so I could get a better idea of how Ashima interacted with her. It was amazing to see two wonderfully talented climbers do their thing. 

Ashima was having a good day, both in and out of the gym (more info on that coming later). After we got home, Ashima's mom made us ramen, and then it was time to get some homework out of the way. It's amazing to see how focused Ashima can be. It's not only in climbing, but in academics, that she gets things done. I realized it was only when I was getting her off topic that she got distracted. Working till nearly midnight on her homework, it was time to say goodbye and let Ashima get her outfit for the next morning sorted out.

Overall a wonderful day of food, friends, and film pre-production.

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