Sunday, September 30, 2012

Insta #1 - TIMKEMPLE

In an ever growing, ever connected digital age, we seem incapable of letting go of our phones. Crackberries have evolved to iPhones...studies show that we are losing social skills, that social media might increase violence and apathy, but then I hear on NPR yesterday that social media is actually increasing empathy, while also increasing narcissism.

Makes sense. 

Anyways the whole point of this post was just for me to be able to write about my love/hate relationship with Instagram. I love seeing photographs from all over the world; perspectives from strangers or friends I normally wouldn't be privy to. The only real complaint I have are "myspace" photos. Basically half naked, or sometimes just plain naked photos people post to garner more followers. 

Not a fan.

But sometimes I see updates that awe...that inspires. 

Example? @TIMKEMPLE. 

You should check out his work! Nothing beats a notification on your phone that you think will be some boring update/message. But then...BAM...its a beautiful photo from Chamonix!

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